Client Services

Westhampton Capital, LLC builds a customized portfolio for each individual.  Westhampton Capital, LLC strives to meet a client's unique goals for growth and income with a portfolio balanced among stocks, bonds, and cash.

Westhampton Capital, LLC takes each investors risk tolerance into consideration when constructing  each portfolio.

Tax efficiency is very important.  Westhampton Capital, LLC buys primarily individual stocks and bonds for accounts as opposed to mutual funds and ETFs.   This method of investing better enablesWesthampton Capital, LLC to control when capital gains are recognized.

Individual stocks and bonds also save the client an additional level of fees that would otherwise be paid through the purchase of mutual funds or ETFs.

Each account is assigned a manager.  A portfolio manager at Westhampton Capital, LLC will review each account at least once per month.  Scheduled client visits are encouraged.  There is unbridled access to the portfolio managers at Westhampton Capital, LLC.

We greatly appreciate clients entrusting Westhampton Capital, LLC with their financial futures and we encourage client interaction and participation as we address ever changing needs and concerns.