Westhampton Capital, LLC located in Winston Salem, NC was established in 1998.  Westhampton Capital is a fee based money management company with assets under management in excess of $131 million dollars. 

Brant Snavely, founding partner of Westhampton Capital, LLC started the company in 1998 in Richmond, VA and relocated the firm to Winston-Salem, NC in 2006. Westhampton Capital, will customize a portfolio of stocks, bonds, and cash for each client.  If appropriate, Westhampton Capital LLC, will utilize mutual funds, ETFs or outside money managers for special situations exposure (i.e. emerging markets).

We attempt to avoid excessive trading and are biased toward the long-term. Preservation of capital is important to our clients and monitoring market perceptions, political developments, and economic trends are used to diversify portfolios.

Westhampton Capital, LLC, uses a combination of Value and Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) analysis to guide its investment philosophy.  The goal is to buy companies with good balance sheets, strong cash flows, above average dividends, and the financial strength to increase dividends over time. Westhampton Capital, LLC, diversifies portfolios across industry groups, but will not weight accounts just to mimic the S&P 500. When possible, Westhampton Capital, LLC attempts to buy lower beta stocks to reduce volatility.

We are biased towards fundamental analysis in portfolio selection but maintain a healthy respect for technical analysis.  Westhampton Capital, LLC attempts to find a catalyst that will cause the stocks purchased to rise. This is usually not takeover speculation, but rather an increase in earnings arising from new product development or market innovations.

Westhampton Capital, LLC offers services to individual investors, IRAs, SEPs, trusts, and pension funds. The minimum account size is $250,000. This minimum may be waived under certain circumstances.  Portfolios are comprised primarily of US large cap dividend paying stocks. In addition, US small and mid-cap equities and large cap European companies may be employed to round out the portfolio.

​    STAFF 

Brant Snavely, Portfolio Manager has worked in the financial industry since 1983.  For three years he was a securities analyst with Branch Cabell in Richmond, Virginia. Brant graduated from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with a BS in Business Administration after which he earned an MBA from Wake Forest University.

David Leland,
Portfolio Manager has worked in the financial industry since 1984.  He was previously President of Jefferson Pilot Investor Services.  David graduated from Wake Forest University with a BA in Economics after which he earned a JD from Wake Forest University.

Harry Shertzer, 
Portfolio Manager  & Chief Compliance Officer has worked in the financial industry since 1983.  Harry graduated with a BS in Business Administration from American University after which he earned an MBA from the College of William and Mary.

Bo Fulton,
Director of Marketing has worked in the financial industry since 1992. Bo graduated from Wofford College with a BS in Business Finance.

Howard Kelly  
Portfolio Manager has worked in equity research for Citigroup and Suntrust Robinson Humphrey. Howard earned an MBA from Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina with a focus on Investment Management, and a BA in Political Science from UNC.


Westhampton Capital, LLC builds a customized portfolio for each individual.  Westhampton Capital, LLC strives to meet a client's unique goals for growth and income with a portfolio balanced among stocks, bonds, and cash.

Westhampton Capital, LLC takes the investors risk tolerance into consideration when constructing each portfolio.

Tax efficiency is very important. Westhampton Capital, LLC buys primarily individual stocks and bonds for accounts as opposed to mutual funds and ETFs. This method of investing enables Westhampton Capital, LLC to better control when capital gains are recognized. Individual stocks and bonds also save the client an additional level of fees that would otherwise be paid through the purchase of mutual funds or ETFs.

Each account is assigned a manager.  A portfolio manager at Westhampton Capital, LLC will review each account at least once per month.  Scheduled client visits are encouraged.  There is unbridled access to the portfolio managers at Westhampton Capital, LLC.

We greatly appreciate clients entrusting Westhampton Capital, LLC with their financial futures and we encourage client interaction and participation as we address ever changing needs and concerns.